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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Reasons to Buy a DSLR

Reasons to Buy a DSLR-Although a lot of people buy a point and shoot camera each year, there are some people who want to learn more about photography and need a camera that will allow them to learn. These are the people who probably would benefit from considering a DSLR camera. This camera is more expensive than a point and shoot, and more difficult to use, but also allows you to grow and experimented with photography more than a point and shoot models will. There are many advantages for DSLR cameras that justifies a higher price for people who want to get serious about photography as an amateur or as a professional.

A DSLR camera will allow you to grow and do a lot more as a photographer. Most cameras have a variety of settings from fully automatic to fully manual. Using a DSLR in the full manual settings allow you to control all camera settings. This includes shutter speed, ISO and aperture, along with white balance and zoom. Learn to control all these settings requires a knowledge and practice, but once you learn the basics that allow you to do things with Your photos which are not possible with a point and shoot camera. Anyone who is seriously interested in photography will learn more with increased capabilities of DSLR cameras.

A DSLR camera also offers more flexibility than a point and shoot camera. This is because the DSLR camera offers interchangeable lenses. Every different lens attached to the camera has different capabilities. Some have a very long zoom lens. Other lenses are able to offer a very wide depth or shallow pitch. Other lenses can provide photographers with extremely fast shutter speed or the ability to zoom in on objects many times its original size. This level of flexibility is simply not available to a person who uses a point and shoot camera. Although a variety of lenses is part of what makes this more expensive cameras, many photographers find that they have one or two favorite lenses offer the most flexibility.

A DSLR camera is a long term investment. Because they are more expensive than point and shoot camera photographers mostly keep them for a longer period of time. Many photographers start out with basic DSLR body and a few lenses. When they are ready, they are often upgraded camera body and keep the lens. When you buy a DSLR camera you buy access to the entire family of lenses and ability. In addition, a DSLR is an investment in your future as a photographer, do you want to be a professional or just enjoy the hobby.

Once again because of the higher costs, DSLR cameras don't get out of date quickly. This technology is now such that the entry level DSLR will last for years. Point and shoot cameras, on the other hand, get worn out quickly by a camera with a zoom that is better and more megapixels. For a camera that will grow with you over the years, a DSLR is definitely the better choice.

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